Paul Radin Memorial Writers’ Lodge

The Tiny Office/Bookshop Project

Old camper house

How to use this page:

This page is a wish-list of sorts, and describes our needs for the mobile office and bookshop.

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The Need:
The Community of Writers is being given increasingly short terms in the conference center due to competing festival groups. Additionally, starting in 2018, the Community of Writers will need to find a new year-round office space. 

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The Seed:
Seed money for this project has been pledged by the family of Paul Radin, a  local man who was part of the Community of Writers family. The tiny house will serve to honor his memory.

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The Proposal:

The Community of Writers design and build a Tiny House which, instead of serving as a residence, will serve several purposes:
11 Months of the Year it will be parked on property outside Nevada City and will serve as a small office for 2 Community of Writers workers: The Executive Director and the Alumni Coordinator.

1 Month of the year it will be parked outside the workshops and will serve as the mobile bookstore. (The office will move inside conference for that time period.)

The Tiny House might also be taken to literary festivals and other events and could be used to sell books and stage readings.

The Tiny House Dimensions / Weight:

8 feet wide x 13.25 feet tall. (Maximum to move without permits.) Length: Between 24 and 30 feet depending on design specifics Needs to be able to handle a large load of books/shelving Exterior Standard or Gooseneck Trailer.

Trailer needs to be moveable. Need strategies for making interior attached and possible to easily stow supplies, merchandise, equipment and files for easy transport.

• Exterior In keeping with bohemian values, yet attractive and long-lasting.
      –Cedar bat & board with corrugated Iron?
      –Funky arts & crafts style?
• Large glass garage door or french doors which can open up the space.
• Good quality windows
• Gothic Window
• Deck/stage which folds down. Stairs  (View Images)
• Shade awning
• Drop down screen or backdrop ?
• Built in mounts for speakers?
• Solar Panels
•If gooseneck trailer, strategy for covering, using or hiding the trailer pull.
• Signs for Exterior “Community of Writers” and “Paul Radin Memorial Writers’ Lodge” etc

Interior Office Needs/Ideas:

• Two desk areas Loft desk area if possible with gooseneck or storage under. (Must be able to stand.)
• Desk drawers
• Wall lights
• Secondary desk area.
• Lockable Closet/Cabinets
• Built-in shelves for: Printers, Files, Supplies

Interior Bookshop Needs/Ideas:

(Can be thrift shop or built ins)
• Checkout area.Table or small counter.
• Place for bookselling files and supplies.
• Display shelves which can somehow allow Tiny House to move with them in place.
• And/Or shelves which drop down and to be flush with wall when not in use?
• Display for shirts, caps, etc.
• Fold out display tables or other innovative ways to display books.
• Hidden storage area for storing multiple boxes of books and merchandise. Loft? Under loft?

More Interior:

Built in seating area surrounded by bookshelves?
•Tiny kitchen area: Tiny Cabinet, sink, microwave, fridge for office coffee/lunch. Minimal. Requires drain/water tank.
• Interesting lighting? Exterior string lights?
• Use of pipes or rusty wrought iron?
• Salvaged?
• We need to have a space where Paul Radin’s photo can hang.
• Donor Wall? We need to figure out a way to honor the sponsors of the project. Tiles? Wood cuts? Perhaps something that could be mounted inside or display outside?
• Corrugated Iron?
• Pine Board Stained White with dark floor?
• Bead-board is inexpensive and light-weight material

The Funds
$20,000 has been pledged by the family of Paul Radin. In addition to that we will need to raise roughly $25,000 - $30,000 more for plans, research, construction, materials, licence, insurance, and other expenses to build the project. Complete budget TBD.

Corporate & Individual Sponsorships:
We are looking for 5 -10 corporate sponsorships ranging from $2,500 - $10,000. Each sponsor will be recognized on the Tiny House with a woodcut of their logo, or something similar.

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